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More Recent Stories from Jane, you ignorant slut. (Adah)

Kyle Chandler played a CIA agent in both Argo and Zero Dark Thirty. He looks nearly identical in both films. There is only one explanation: Kyle Chandler is a Hollywood vampire CIA officer.

Watching all my childless friends post glamorous photos of themselves to Facebook while I sit at home with a sleeping kid and play SWTOR, drunk, and unsuccessfully pretend to not be slightly bitter.

Bittersweet technology moment: when your seven-year-old stepkid uses her LeapPad (kiddie tablet) to record her deadbeat, drug-addicted mother's voice, so that she can hear her saying "I love you" in the months between phone calls.

Drinking until the soreness in my muscles goes away. Tonight, I consider this a foolproof plan. Tomorrow, I will curse the God that made me. To infinity and beyond, my friends.

Man, after repeated attempts at Supernatural (no offense Serenada, it's just not my thing) and Being Human (U.K. version), I finally tried Lost Girl on Netflix. And it's like, yes, this is the show I've been trying to find since I rushed through Buffy, Angel, and Battlestar Galactica.