"Talk Nerdy To Me" is Your New Ode to Geek Love

A parody of the hit Jason Derulo song, "Talk Nerdy To Me" is an ode to modern fan love, complete with some epic cosplay and nice dance moves. In a community that often seems to pit fanboys against fangirls, it's nice to see that some remember and celebrate the common interests there. » 7/14/14 8:57pm 7/14/14 8:57pm

Memorial Day Means Different Things To Me Now

When I was a kid, Memorial Day had a very specific meaning for me. Our town had a very large parade, one that half the community seemed to be a part of. The other half lined the streets to watch and cheer. The local high school and middle school bands marched. The little league teams marched. The boy scouts and… » 5/23/14 1:01pm 5/23/14 1:01pm