Forcing Vaccinations is a Terrible Idea

My mother is not an anti-vaxxer. I received all my childhood immunizations that were available at the time I was still of age to go to a pediatrician's office. Some took, some didn't - I've had the titer tests done to test my immunity and determine what shots I need boosters for as an adult. But let me tell you a… » 2/04/15 12:08pm 2/04/15 12:08pm

Worst Couple in North America? You Decide.

Eric and Ilsa of the Vancouver area have a problem, you guys. A serious problem. Although their net monthly income is approximately $25,000, they find that this is not enough to afford to build a modest $1.1 million dollar home, now that their relatives are selling the home they've been able to live in, rent-free… » 1/17/15 9:45pm 1/17/15 9:45pm

Low Budget Milky Whites are the Stuff of Nightmares

Now that Into the Woods is out in theaters, most critics seem to agree that the movie sounds great, with beautiful singing, but is missing some of the heart and magic of the original stage show. While some authors are convinced that not killing off critical characters is to blame, the Tumbr "Low Budget Milky Whites"… » 1/10/15 7:42pm 1/10/15 7:42pm

Somebody Please Tell Me Something Good About Babies UPDATE

I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins, the multiples part makes my body feel like I'm well into the third trimester since my uterus measures at about 32 weeks instead of 24. I have spent all day feeling nauseous while the babies kick the hell out of my stomach and other internal organs. I am exhausted and wake up from… » 11/09/14 6:34pm 11/09/14 6:34pm

Kids Halloween Costumes - Weapons Etiquette Question

So my nine-year-old stepkid really wants to be Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy for Halloween. I've got 90% of the costume figured out - some black pants, a black faux leather vest over a black tank top over a green shirt, some green costume makeup and an actual Gamora wig I've bought online, along with some black… » 10/17/14 11:39am 10/17/14 11:39am